Frequently Asked Questions

BIGWork is the first co-working space that spans across Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. BIGWork springboards the ideas of students and aspiring entrepreneurs into the regional economies with guidance from established mentors, available resources and infrastructures under the purview of ERC. BIGWork is a co-working space concept that is supported by ERC’s domain experts in the hospitality, education, entrepreneurship, and real estate sectors. The concept allows users to maximise their access to experts and resources in each domain in a timely and efficient manner in developing their products and services.
BIGWork is a unique concept of a co-working space that offers immediate access and resources to students and aspiring entrepreneurs who are keen to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. Our regional approach would allow users and the community to have immediate support in furthering their offerings within Southeast Asia. Users of BIGWork are also able to benefit from ERC’s core competencies in their business domains, where knowledge is tailored to the local and regional business landscape to help aspiring entrepreneurs carve out a niche as early as the ideation stage of their project.
BIGWork is suitable for Freelancers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small Enterprises, Branch Offices, anyone who needs a Workpace within a community and everyone in-between.
For new users, click on Book Now and register with us by filling in your details. Once completed, check your email and confirm your email. Enter your email and password in the login page to continue. Once in the membership page, click on the purchase tab in the header. Select your plans or services and click on proceed to checkout. For registered users, click on the Login tab in the header, enter your email address and password. After logging in, follow the indicated steps to select your plans and click on Proceed to checkout.
BIGWork runs on a hot desking model. You get to pick your own desk at any available desk. We offer different types of desks so you get to choose a different working environment everyday!
Login to your account, select your plans or services and proceed to checkout. You will have the option of selecting ‘I am purchasing on behalf of someone’. Select that option, enter the actual user’s details and proceed to checkout. Please note that the actual user will have to quote the buyer’s email address on site or bring along the confirmation email.
All three spaces of Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok, boasts a seating capacity of 70 pax, 75 pax and 61 pax respectively. In addition to the hot desks that BIGWork offers, users are also able to gain access to the private offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, pitching rooms and rooftop views across the three co-working spaces.
One-time plans would not incur any recurring payment. However, these would expire after 1 month depending on the start date entered. Recurring plans would allow you to enjoy the benefits of the plans without having to sign up for a new plan every month. Payment would also be automated on a monthly basis. One-time plans can be paid using credit cards such as Master and Visa. For recurring plans, you would need to sign up for a Paypal account.
Log in to your account and click on the Cancel Subscriptions tab in the header. You will have to log in to your Paypal account to cancel the recurring subscription.
No, you would have to finish your existing plan prior to purchasing the monthly package.
You can purchase up to 3 months in advance. You are also able to change your start date as long as it’s more than one day before the selected start date and the purchase date is within the last 3 months.
Yes, you are able to change your start date as long as it’s more than one day before the selected start date and the purchase date is within the last 3 months. Log in to your account and click on the Subscriptions tab in the header to view your current plans. Click on Edit to change the selected start dates.
Yes, you can sign up for a new plan on site directly with our BIGgies. However, you would be required to create a new account on site.
Once you have signed up for your plan, proceed to the city’s BIGWork site as selected. At the site, you will be required to show your confirmation email and verify your first and last name prior to admission to the premise. Additional logging in to your account on site might be required as verification if your first and last name was not populated correctly during the registration process. Your package is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
Tours must be scheduled in advance. Give us a call to schedule your free tour.
Once the plan has commenced and payment has been processed, there will be strictly no refunds allowed.
Login to your account and go to the Subscriptions page. Click on Add On and select the cities that you want to add on. Proceed to checkout, pay and complete the process.
Mailer services allow you to use our prestigious addresses in the various cities as your company’s mailing address. You can collect your mail at our reception once you have signed up for our Mailer Service.
To purchase mailer service, go to the purchase page and click on Service Add-On. Select your city, proceed to checkout and pay to complete the process.
Prior to purchasing locker services, you must have an existing plan in that city. Go to the purchase page and click on Service Add-On. Proceed to select the city and then the locker service. Checkout and proceed to pay to complete the process.
Please email the respective cities to book our meeting rooms. Alternatively, do approach our friendly BIGgies on site to book our meeting rooms. You will get to enjoy a 20% off room rentals in Singapore when you have an existing monthly plan and above.